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Related post: Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 09:33:40 EDT From: Jarrod749aol.com Subject: Raw Recruits. Chapter 7. [ws]Disclaimer: If you are not child porno modells yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between young adults. Please write: jarrod749yahoo.com. I would love to hear if you like my story. Raw Recruits. Chapter 7 [ws] Osborne still hung there, his fucking tongue hanging out, sucking for air and finally he hung his head....ho-leeeeeeeeeee sheeeittt! As he kneeled there in all his sweat-shiny nakedness in the firelight at the back stairs of Barracks One, young soldier cum streamed from his throbbing cock!!! black model young Fuckin' Ozzieboi got his nut again without touching!!! How proud Alex would have been!!!!The fuckin' cumdump trembled there in his aftercum out in the wee hours of the morning. When he finally recovered, pretty naked model he sullenly pulled up his boxers and barefooted his way to Alex' bunk to get the dude's boots to 'cumshine'.Goddddddddddddd....would there ever be an end to all this? Back out on the steps, Osborne licked Alex' boots, rubbing some of his own cumshot from the puddle on the steps. Manomanoman! The kid troop's poker shot out of his fly and then he was full-faced inside Alex' boot, smorfing the scent of black soldier foot....his hand gripped his cock and he p-u-l-l-e-d and p-u-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-e-d! Back in the barracks, the squeaking springs of jacking basic trainees had faded into clearing throats, long sighs, snoring and deep dreams of pussy back home. But there was still some squeaking, a poorly harmonized sound of badly tuned violins....and there were groans, moans and grunting.Conway never got the chance to get outside to polish his buckle and boots.There were eight empty beds....Raw Recruits. Chapter 7.Big hands girl models toplist at Conway's neck and shoulders guided him away from his bunk, across the aisle and he was put to his knees jenniffer bikini model on another dude's bunk. In the dark, Conway could barely see the black face, but those hands pulled his face into a mass of cock and balls and funk. japan teens models He snorfed out his nose trying to grab breaths and then, "Qwallllcchh!" his mouth was cock-stuffed one more time!The troop must have been in wait for Conway to come back inside because he was so fucking hot! He yanked Conway's head down and rammed and rammed and rammed the josiemodel pussy pics poor fucker's face into his nappy pubes over and over till he got his rocks.Conway spluttered, choked and gurgled male top models into the cum slop shooting to the back of his mouth and goobing down his tongue over his lips into the anonymous donor's pubes. 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In no time Sarge switched again and lay over on his back impaling the toysoldier who brazil toplist model lay on top him. He chewed the otter's ear, as he hunched up into him from underneath.Then he whirled the kid around, and sat him up facing him. He pushed the troop up and down on his deep and heat seeking fuck tool, and then leaned forward and rocked ottertail down onto his back with the kid's feet pressing into his cheeks and portal teen models neck as he smiled down into the cumdump's sweated, tiny ukrane models beet-red face."Fuck you, crackah! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" Sarge raged and spray spitted into Hodge's face.The kid was numbed and dumbed and his bump-bobbing, rocking head looked like he was violently nodding 'Yes' to his sergeant's screaming rant.....and then.....he looked right into Sarge's eyes and said......"Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....fuck....ohfuck....gimme....uhhh.. cock...ahhhhhhfuckofuckofuckkkkkkkkkkk!!!" and shot no less than 7 streams of boygoop up his chest.Sergeant Carter smiled a wide and toothy white grin as he saw his brand new cockhound convert take the joying he was giving him. The smile turned to a leering grimace as he gritted his teeth and filled that soldierboi hole one more time before reveille. He banged and slammed and rammed his hot poker up that boi teen blogs models like no time he ever did. He needed to. He had to. He wanted to give ls model galleries that young troop the fuckin' of his life and by damn, he fuck-in' eh DID!!!Hodgie screamed and yowled and took that fine black tool like the super butt warrior he was.Sarge picked his pussy up and carried him on his tall hard tool after they were back to some sense little models pyssy of normal, and he stepped into the shower. As the cool water woke them again, Sarge eased Hodge off his soldier pleaser, and let him find his feet. He turned the otter into the spray and hugged to the kid's back as they both turned their faces up into the water.Hodge took the soap, and without being told, washed his sergeant, rinsed him, licked the bigger man's cock, balls and sucked up behind those big nuts back into the crease behind his sergeant.He came out from under at Sarge's urging and washed himself as Sarge got himself dried and dressed.In a few moments, he sent the otterboi Hodge out the door refreshed in his boxers to get ready for reveille and the morning run around camp.Hodge was so lost in his new life, it didn't even strike him that there were so many empty beds on the first floor, while four other bunks seemed to have more than one new recruit in or around them.Magic sounded the alarm and all cumdumps were sent to their own bunks just as Sarge burst from his quarters and screamed "DROP YUR COCKS AND GRAB YUR SOCKS!!" Sarge saw Hodge's ass was just turning up the back stairs for the second floor....Sarge snickered to himself, as his palm found the flat....and the lump....at his fly.The room rumbled with bunks bouncing on the floor as troops jumped out of them. Lockers rattled, the swoooosh of fatigue pants and socks being pulled on and the thunder of boots hitting the floor to be laced up.The rolling 'barrumber' on the ceiling from the same activity on the second floor was followed by the pounding footfalls as 22 guys ran down the upstairs aisle for the stairs to join the lower two squads for roll call."R-A!...N-G!...E-R! RAN-GER! model nn top50 RANGER! AIRBORNE! RANGER! AIRBORNE RANGER!" could be heard in the fine deep voices of the young boot camp recruits stomping their morning runs all around the camp from all 40 platoons.Hmmmm...gets me right here in my throat when I close my eyes and think on it....40 platoons of young dudes....that's 40 times 44....all that fuckin' dick!There are still five weeks and some days to go, as the third week of basic training wears on....especially for eight young white troops who have found they have another life here in basic, and maybe for a much longer time bikini model vanda to come.Soon they creamasia japanese model all filed back into the barracks for a brief bunk drop and rest, strip, showers and dress for duty, before mess.As Magic, 2d Squad Leader, got up and stripped, he planned to meet with Alex and the second floor squad leaders to see where they thought Sarge was in the indoctrination of the whitieboys.During periods when Sarge could bust in on them, they did not subject the white troops to any servitude. That was thusfar reserved for after hours, or when Sarge was out of the barracks.At breakfast, the squad leaders sat together and decided it would be safe to start using the 'white tools' as they pleased, once Sarge picked his cumdump for the night. Alex thought maybe no nude models they should wait for the uk topless model Sunday when Sarge usually spent much of his time in town.They all thought that might be vintage models a good idea since this weekend, while none of the recruits was allowed to leave the post, they were off duty both Saturday and Sunday for the first time since they arrived at basic.They split the diff, and decided to do craftsman model 536 a little more Sarge watching, and take what was presented to them as to the availability of white trash pussy.The two leaders from upstairs were worried about the butt plug up Shrum's ass. They both wanted to put the little fuckstud on tool, but Sarge stuck that plug up there and if he found out one of them messed with it, they'd be in deep shit.Magic told them to cool it on Shrum....there'd be plenty of time. "Take his face man! Ferget his butt for now. He got plenty to give, man, so take whut's dere!" They both nodded.Alex piped up that he and EddieJack wanted Osborne reg'lar like...like every night, since they were 'bunkies', but they were willing inez model teen to 'share'. All nodded agreement. They appointed Brown and Shad as official first floor messengers for Sarge. Up to then, only Brownie had been doing the duty, and even though he loved it, it wasn't fair.Davis from 3d Squad said that when they had lunch break and some quiet time in the field or were set up in training foxholes, "I think we should be able to get our nut, man. I wanna fuckin' whitey cumdump to do me."They all smiled....looked around at each other, fidgeting in their seats as newly rigid dicks started to snake around in their shorts.Every one of them was picturing a whiteboi face looking up from the bottom of a foxhole with a mouthful of wide black slab surrounded by japanes child model a pair of pinkyboi lips guppying down to the nappy-haired root.They recovered from the mind leching, and said to cool that too, at least for a bit. BUT, no matter what, anything out in the open was subject to observation by outside camp cadre who have no idea what's going on. (The basic training exercises rarely had Sergeant Carter involved - he was to make sure they got to and from training sites, but otherwise turned his men over to the cadre assigned to the actual training).That day, the major exercise was trainfire for the rifle, and included hunkering down in a foxhole to practice firing for proficiency from ground level. After the talk about white pussy lips in foxholes, the squad leaders were having a hell quality teen models of a time even hitting the background the targets were posted on with t heir raging bones. The images of what they discussed at breakfast had them blind wild!The day dragged but finally they were trudging up the steps to the barracks, for a welcome respite, then a shower and maybe a little nap after dinner.With all the action of the previous night followed by the training during the day, the troops were beat, and the lil latin models black recruits seemed to forget their white fucktoys for the time being....almost.There was no one-on-one action at all as the young guys stripped down and staggered to brunette models movies their showers. Privates Denny and Barry had really not been in on much of the action up to then. Sure they all had take down with Sarge, but back in the squad bay, pree sandra models Conway and Osborne took the brunt of the abuse on the first floor. Hinds and Hodge upstairs were the buttholes of choice. There was the butt plug beating Shrum took upstairs, and a few cock up his face, but nothing else.As a result, Denny and Barry never really had much of a guard up. tenn model toplist They were loose and not all that fearful of being put down, so when they headed amongst the first of the troops into showers, they were surprised at being pushed away from the entrance by black kid after black kid. They finally just moved to the left side of the entrance as all the black soldiers made their way under the inviting sprays.The platoon shower plan was to get wet, soaped, rinsed and out in 3 minutes so both floors could get through in less than 20 minutes. So now as the second floor filed down, Barry and Denny were joined by all the rest of the white kids from both floors.As time passed, they got more nervous, worried that something big might be planned.They just stood in a group outside the showers, watching....and waiting..... towels around their waists....most of them trembling in fear and/or anxiety.The room was clearing, and there were only eight guys left in the showers with another ten outside toweling off. Soon the last shower head was turned off, and the last eight guys just hung back at the faucets.The boldest of the white kids, Pvt. Barry sidled through his mates into the showers.>From clean teens models behind him there was a flurry of motion. The other seven whites were surrounded by at least ten black kids and being shuffled toward the entrance and lined up shoulder to shoulder at the entrance. The eight who stayed at the faucets swooped over Barry, whipped him 'round and down on his back. A couple of them backed to about three feet away while the others plugged up the drains.The two guys nearest started pissing at his hair and face, "Open'at mouth, faggot! I wanna see a gulpin', piss suckin' whiteboi!" hollered one dude. Another screamed, "Get that tongue out there and young bikinimodels vids keep it out queenie! I sweet models xxx wanna see my juice splashing off it!"Behind the seven now trembling white sandra model 305 kids watching, was a deep low voice...."You gettin' the game, BOYYYYYS?!" followed by hard jabs into all of their backs. They quickly nodded all fearied.The two guys' piss drenched Pvt. Barry's entire body, as his flinching form lay on the tile floor with their teen cream model piss puddling around and under him with the stffed drains. Pvt. Denny was shoved inside and dumped on top of Barry and told to rub himself in the piss on Denny's body. Then his face was mashed into Denny's and ordered to, "Kiss him faggot...give him TONGUE!!!"Oh man....from a quiet afternoon lookit whut's happenin'.Two more were shoved to the floor and made to trashy lingerie models lie down and rub themselves in blackboi piss. With piss all over them they were also told to 'fag' each other and kiss.Then the remainder were sent to the floor and the guys behind them stepped up and pissed all over them, particularly shooting for the tongue-out open mouths. Before they were done, some of the black kids were too hysterical to keep it young models latex up, and moved to a corner showerhead to rinse again and towel off.When the last of the black kids rinsed off again, they had the white kids kneel across the shower floor in the piss shoulder to shoulder facing the shower entrance. "Jack off, faggots! Let's see if you can get yur nut!"They were initially defiant. After two guys got rapped in the head, they all grabbed their peters and went whippin' russian naked model like crazed bunny rabs. Guys who were dressing were being called back in to watch the 'faggots' beat their meat.Oh man...they bounced and hunched and their toes tightened and curled up behind them. They were getting everybody fired up again....and thennnnnnn...."STOP!!!"The kids froze mid-stroke....the pain on their faces was priceless."YOU don't cum. You fuckers don't never cum, less'n we be fuckin' it out o'yuh. Got that? GOT THAT???!!" The poor dumbfucks all nodded like bobble head dolls.They were told to clean the floor, wash and be ready for dinner in 5 minutes. Of course that was impossible. Some of the kids fell down several times trying to move as fast as they could in the slippery shower.Their new masters informed them that for being late they could look forward to 'circle-rimming' after mess. They finally kneeled in a row out in the squad bay to await dinner at attention with their heads down. Boy these dudes were trained!Dinner again was uneventful by design, but it was a bit tortuous for the white troops who were 11yo model pics seated four on each side of the long table vuluptuos nude models facing each other, while the black guys talked over, around and past them about what kinds of things were in store for them. They were so bold now, they didn't care about openly discussing what was up amongst their own platoon members.They took bets on who Sarge was gonna take down that night. The odds were for either Pvt. Barry or Pvt. Denny. Both of them looked down, shamed, and Denny locked eyes with Hodge, hoping Hodge could give him an insight to what happened to him the night before. Hodge just looked down, and didn't answer the plea. In spite of the fact that most of the white troops still had the will upskirt child models to fight off the inevitable, their shaming was taking hold of each of them and driving them toward internal collapse. Kneeling before the entire platoon before dinner each night was something awful, as minor as it was in the grand scheme of torment. But it was the 'symbol' of their vulnerability...their helplessness.Sarge had taken Shrum and Hodge in for all nighters. When he called for Pvt. Denny, there smiles all around the squad bay as guys paid off bets.As Denny german model young dragged himself toward the sergeant's quarters up front, several of the black kids surrounded him and wet-willied his ears, kicked at his butt, and just as he reached the last bunk, Magic pulled a trip rope and the dumped him flat on his face to wild hand slapping and laughter.Brownie hopped on top of him as he got to his knees and rode him on his all fours to Sarge's door beating at his head before scurrying back to his bunk.They all snickered as Denny knocked and went in. They heard, "Private Denny repor..." and the door shut.Magic went down to Pvt. Barry's bunk, and yanked at his arm for him to get up and follow him. Barry was pissed and yanked his arm away, told Magic to 'Fuck off!' and turned back on his celebrity supermodels belly to continue reading a book on his pillow.In seconds, there was a hand on each arm raising him straight up and two fists slammed through his abs flattening him to his bed. Magic sprung on top of his chest and smacked Barry's face back and forth till he was a blubbering, crying ragdoll, who had been stripped naked by three other art models banana black dudes while he was being 'trained'.Magic got off him and with a wave had the others carry the beaten fucker to one of the vertical supporting posts. They stood him on his hands and strapped him about the waist and spread his legs out wide, baring his butthole to the whole wide room.Osborne was hauled over to diddle the trussed-up troop's hole. "Suck you some fagboi cunt, asshole! EAT!"Osborne was quaking as he moved extreme bikini models his face over Barry's crease. He was getting sick....till he was kicked in the ass and his face was rammed right into Barry's slot. "Open those lips and suck!!!! Dig 'at tongue through yur sweetie's asshole lips! DO IT!!!!"Osborne had spit flooding his mouth, with a combination of belly sicks and the try to lick a soldier's hole. He finally dug it in, and soon there was Pvt. Brown waving, calling all the black kids to gather 'round. It was getting all fevery.Barry, hanging there upside down was bucking against the post he was tied to, and whimpering, "Ohhh...goddddddddd....ohhhhh..."Osborne was really into the ass-suck scene minigirls nude models now, and ream-rimmin' that kid with dee-sire! He couldn't help it. The erotics of it all got the two kids, the giver little girls modells and the getter, crazed with fuck and lust and neeeeeed!!! Geez...his fucking tongue was sucked up inside Barry's anal ring....and it was being clenched!"OhgodohgodohGODDDDDDDDDD!!!" screamed Barry in his handstand out from child models sexy under and between his ass-sucker's legs. Brownie cutie little models got underneath and pulled Barry's head up under Osborne's balls and yelled, "Chow down, mutha!!"The surprise liplocking-sensation between his legs made Osborne jump but his tongue remained burrowed inside naked modell Barry. Barry's prick was hard as steel bent against his belly. Osborne's prick was leaking prefuck and he was hunching his bunger back and forth over Barry's upturned face. It was fuckin' beeeyuuuuteeful!!! As the door clicked shut behind Pvt. Denny, he teeen model shot saluted and stared through Sergeant prenude models Carter's large bare feet spread wide on the desk. Salute returned, Sarge ordered Denny, "Strip, dirthole!"His gym shorts, and tee hit the floor in record time as Denny returned to attention.He made Denny turn around, face the door, get down on his back and 'backstroke' across the floor on bent-up elbows and heels, through the kneehole of the sergeant's desk.He squeaked and sqwalled across the floor paining sunny teen model his tortured back and butt skin till he arrived with his face under Sarge's balls hanging low down the front of the chair seat. Sarge didn't say anything.Pvt. Denny was terrified. This was against everything that made him who he was. He couldn't. Surely, Sarge didn't....Resignedly, he sighed and strained his head up and back, pushing up on his elbows. With forehead pressing hard to the seat bottom, his tongue laved over the bottom of Sarge's nutbag. "Ummmmmmm," came a coooing moan from Sarge.In his mental anguish for what he was doing, even after the piss and fag-a-troop scene in the shower, he was relieved that Sarge JUST wanted him to suck his big black balls.Sarge moved out further and lower pornotube sexiestmodelgirl for Denny to be able to get right up around his nuts and suck them inside his mouth. He reached under Denny's super-extended neck for support, as he moved the kid's head around and around in sexyfeet models tiny circle, while his fuckslop gay model wanted streamed down the length of his man tool.The big guy wrapped his cock in his long fingers and bucked himself off into his hand as he grunted and enjoyed the scintillating sensations of getting off with his balls in a hot sucking whiteboi mouth!His quart load shot in 9 volleys into his left palm, before the dregs oozed out and seeped down the long shaft to his balls, and through Denny's guppy-mouth sucking lips. Denny had to work harder since Sarge's ballsack quinn gallery model tightened up higher as he reached flashover.Sarge noticed Denny's sucking stop for a few secs when the kid tasted and realized Sarge's cum was seeping into his mouth....then he continued to eat up his sergeant."Okay, Private, leggo ol' Sarge's nuts and childmodels galery feed you on some BLACKberry jam, boi!" Sarge said looking down into the sorry face of the ballsucking white troop. Then he turned polish pretten models his hand sideways, saying, "Tongue alla way out, boi!" and let his massive curdle of cocksauce ooze down onto Denny's quivering outstretched tongue. "Don'tchu lose any spooge young shelby topmodels teens dude....don'tchu dare! And I wanna see it all just puddlin' and wrigglin' on yur tongue....allla it!!!"Denny was soaked in sweat from the strained position and fear of failing to do as ordered.The leakage from off the edges of the young soldier's tongue just oozed around and under it into the bottom of his mouth, but Sarge got his prize. He got to see that massive load all wiggly-like on the wide-eyed, open-mouthed, freaking white kid's tongue.Sarge shoved the arabian nude model desk back, and turned to face and straddle Denny's face. "You done earned it, boi....you really truly did...and now yo' gets it! Now I wanna see you beg wit'cher lips, babeee....like'iss....'smup pwupk!...got it? Pook 'em lips togedder and make dat l'il pookin' sound I loves. But DON'T swallow or lose that spunk puddle on yer tongue, queerbait...NONE OF IT!" The private shuddered and then then, "Smup!...Spwup!...Swump!""Ohhhhh yessssss, cockboy...ohhhhhhhh....yessss," Sarge cooed for joy. Then he crouched and eased his nine inch prickhead into the wiggling cum curdle on Denny's tongue. He got this big-assed smile all over when Denny's tongue cupped up around the ebony poker. model corinna The cum rose up all around his black-purple knob.Denny was near hysterical trying to hold his strained half up position, trembling like mad. He was pleading with himself not to let any goo drip on the floor.Then Sarge said, "Nicely, nicely, fuckee whiteface."Sarge slowly fed his whole tool through the cum sludge to the back acer laptop model of Denny's mouth but with a very light cockride, barely deeper than the top of the cummy slime. He sawed in a few inches, then back out and in and out. Then his big mitts cupped around the kid's ears and he pulled forward, Denny's eye's went wide and wild as his breath was stifled and the huge tool sought his throat hole.There was no pull back. No retry. Just power....just pressure....bright light flared behind young tops models Denny's eyes....as the plum-sized cum-drenched cockhead surged hard....harder.... "Gawauuchhh! model 12 nn Cchhkkk! Hucccch!" annnnnnnnd tha-roooooooooo!!! How well Denny remembered his curve modelling lesson with Sarge that first night.Sarge drove on and down and wrapped his hand around the kid's neck to see if he could feel his invading tool deep down in the young private."Smucchh! Smmorphh! Ssmcchh!" was what they heard as Denny sucked air through his nose fighting some of Sarge's cum trying to make it's way out of his nose as well.The cock...the cum...the funk...it was all taking over Denny's senses.He wrack-rattled, quivering there on the floor teen model avi all splayed out and rigid like he was plugged to an electric socket.Sarge bottomed to his pubes. Then he pulled relentlessly all the way out through those tortured, sensitive throat membranes. He watched Denny buck and bounce three or four times up off the floor and was sorry he couldn't hold the kid off a little more, but he knew Denny got his nut.Pvt. Denny's face went all gooey and his eyes glazed as Sarge surged all the way through and all the way down, all the way through and gay models all the way down, TEN MORE MOUTH FUCKING TIMES till he screamed and roared like a wild boar, as he shot another tremendous wad into Pvt. Denny's belly.He froze the whole scene in the squad bay working Barry over. Mannn....a whole bunch of the kids who weren't hard up to then, sure were boned up now!!!Sarge stepped over Denny's head and turned around so his cock was bent back between his legs and still down Denny's raw, stretched throat. As he moved forward, Denny came back down onto all fours....his forehead jammed up into Sarge's ass and his nose deep in the crease, his neck bent out unnaturally. He was snorting like a wild boar to get some ass-funk scented air. Sarge proceeded to count cadence, "Hut! Two! Three! Four! Hut! Fuck! Hut! Fuck!" and marched Denny's poor draggin' ass by his cockhung throat all around the room and then into the bedroom.When Sarge stopped at the bed, he looked down between his legs as he propped Denny's ypungmodels chin on the edge of the mattress, his rock hard, throbbing prick in great need once more, Denny's lips were a pretty shade of blue-purple. He unplugged, "Thweesssscuchh!" and Denny's face slid down the side of the bed. He doubled over on his head sucking air, his whole body wracked 'hucc'ing violently for life-giving breaths.Denny was a wet rag of sweat, straining every single muscle in his fucked out worn body to please his sergeant."Yo' has sho' pleased yo' ol' Sarge tonight young tool," Sgt. Carter said as he sat on the bed above little naked modeles the cowed private. His big black young tiny model hand smoothed down the kid's back over the little bumps of his spine. He diddled a finger at the tail bone, and then ticky-circled the tips of his fingers as they eased to the troop's butt crease. His middle finger slid into and down the trough as the others rode on the boy's cheeks above.Denny jerked at the insertion. Sarge hooked his finger inside Denny's bung, and wig-wagged around in there diddling the anal ring skins. It was those very skins and their sensitive nerve endings that gave the most pain, and....the most sex-citement to a young soldier when he was on the rail. Sarge's young hosehound seemed to try to follow the circle motion with usgs fault models his tail hole. Sarge saw that, and smiled big time, "Yayesssssss!" he hissed through teeth clamped on the tip of his tongue.Sinking deeper and adding his forefinger, he drew a gasp from Denny and at the same time a straining wretch as the raw recruit was pulled to his bare feet. Sarge spread his long legs and hugged his joyboi to his broad chest.With an arm firmly around the kid's waist, he pulled at the right knee and bent it up to his side....then did the same with the other, and in one long, smoothe motion, Private Denny was up onto the bed, knee-straddling his sergeant and was slowly pulled groin-to-belly against Carter, hunching forward. Sarge's sleek black nine inch rooter met soldier slot. As it eased up and through, there were those exciting moist 'shlicky' sounds of gooey skins rubbing gooey skins.As the bulbous cockhead found boyhole, Sarge flexed up and forward tightening his butt muscles and let the young troop slowly descend. The kid's mouth opened in silence....then there was a yelp....a frightened stare sandra pre model by Denny into Sarge's face....then...ohhhhh then, you could see it....his hole had popped and that numbing that follows had turned to a warming inside the kid that radiated out to his entire body.Down and down he slid....his pained ass petals straining with the engorging growth of Sarge's big prick.With tears rivering down his cheeks he sat deep into Sarge's curly hairs at last and Sarge rutted and flexed his prick drawing tiny muffled yelps and whimpers from the kid.Sarge pulled the whole soldier into his chest and held him firmly there for long moments.Still in girl model nn the near bearhug, he lifted Denny slightly and then let him settle. Again. Again. Then he raised him up several inches up his fiery poker, and let him settle back down....a long low "Whewwwwweeeshhh!" whispered through Denny's lips.The tears ebbed, and a wave of near contentment seemed to come over Private Denny. Sarge smiled. He knew. He'd made him a brandy new pussyboi. He gently eased his troop up and down the hot poker several times, for longer and longer rides till he felt the ridge of his cock helmet tickle the anal ring. Denny youngjapanesemodels grabbed onto Sarge's head and shoulder, and started to ride that toy soldier pleaser for all he was worth. Faster and faster. Faster and faster! Oh god the kid was near delirious and was swamping his own ass, bottoming into Sarge's balls harder and harder.....annnnnnnd he cummmmmmmmed!!!!He shot a 7 volley load of kid soldier sauce up Sarge'e chest.Sarge felt the ass pussy pulsing on his meat and squeezed hard to hold back. He wanted to cum for his toy, but not now, not this way. He wanted young Denny bent up at the shoulders with his asshole high in the air and Sarge pounding straight down into a gasping butt warrior who truly knew he had need for that big cock to be sending him to a whole 'nother place.....annnnnnnd begging for it!!!!The cum wracked soldier wheezed and seemed to be begging his sergeant to let him catch his breath or stop, or....but Carter just plowed on, rocking back on the bed now with Denny nearly sitting above him. With a head motion and the look to his chest, Denny knew he was to suck the boyshot off his sergeant, and he did.Each time, even in his aftercum, it seemed Sarge would find a new spot deep inside his fudgeboy with that cock-masher and Denny'd yelp, but Sarge just steamed on, Denny's knees digging tighter against Sarge, his toes curling up beh ind him, Sarge was glowing red-hot in the suddenly renewed heat of his new need.Sarge pulled the kid down on his chest and was railing him up and back over that soldier reaming pole. "You fuckin' fer ol' Sarge, boy, ain'tchu," Sarge gritted as he nuzzled at the kid's ear before tongue-digging it.Legs up and off the floor, Sarge whirled his ass around on the bed and rolled the kid down onto his back, and showed his new car models maverick toy what reamage was all about....Denny's pussybox was high in the air non nude modells now. He stared up almost pleadingly with his neck and head bent up at the pillow. His pained looked did not express his feel and need....he pulled hard at his own handsome 6 inch cock.He recklessly palmed his pud. Sarge pounded Denny's joy buzzer over and over deep inside him and they little models tup both screamed as the two young sweaty gleaming bodies hung momentarily motionless at the height of their ecstasy, before firing their throbbing pricks off. Sarge was jerking imgboard model nude and bouncing out of control. 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Fucker's tongue goin' in and out his mouth! Man this fucker DOES want it all....nnnnnghhhh! .....baddddddd! There! Take it yuh fuckin' faggot!" he grunted and continued blurting out all his joy at what he found when he checked forum model young out Barry's upside down face.Then he grabbed the other black kid next to him and said, "C'mon bro. Getcher yur cock up his face too, man. He fuckin' want's it....he neeeeeds it!"The other troop fed his dick along side his buddy's, and both kids got a thrill they never had before....the feel of another dude's prick slick-sliding next to his own, not to mention them both sloppin' over the uncontrolled saliva building on that quivering whiteboi tongue!The young, mostly teen recruits all around them were feeling the heat and tension of the all-fevered boy pumping mouth and face fucking, not to mention the up-top reaming Brownie was still giving him. It was incredible!Hearts were pounding out of chests. 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